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At North Shore Wealth Management, we have always believed in the virtues of stock investing. Our wealth managers can help you select the right stocks for you, whether it is for short term speculation or long term accumulation.

It's About You And Your Financial Goals.

We understand that you are interested in accumulating and preserving wealth. We also know that you want a trusted financial advisor to help you achieve your investment goals. Wealth management offers a pure and simple investment approach: fee-based solutions. With fee-based solutions, you eliminate transaction-based commissions in favor of asset-based fees. By doing so, you gain a true partner who is dependable, focused and loyal to your financial objectives and whose interest is truly aligned with your own.

With Wealth Management, you gain access to a wide array of investment solutions for your specific needs.

More ways to get where you want.

Stocks are a fundamental part of many investment strategies, and North Shore Wealth Management professionals seek to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Whether it's stocks, bonds or mutual funds, your financial advisor can determine the portfolio mix that's right for you.

Offering you worldwide diversity opportunities, our advisors can give you access to the global financial market with trading privileges both domestically and internationally on the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ exchanges

More answers for investing wisely.

What to invest in and when? What asset mix is best for my financial goals? What's the difference between allocation and diversification? How much risk am I willing to take? These are the tough questions that only an experienced financial advisor can help you answer.

The right mix of assets may be the most important decision you will ever make about your financial future; and your advisor can lead you in the right direction. Our financial professionals can help determine if your securities are diversified and allocated in a manner that meets your investment goals and risk tolerance. Our Portfolio Analysis not only identifies your current position in the market, but also the allocation strategy that best suits your needs.